Municipality Ormont

The municipality of Ormont has about 400 inhabitants. It is the westernmost municipality in the association area. With over 600 hectares of forest land it is, based on the population,  one of the largest forest-owning communities in Rhineland-Palatinate.

The place is geologically interesting because of the Goldberg. The former volcano forms the westernmost foothills of the volcanic Eifel. The mountain owes its name to the numerous biotite crystals that glisten in the sun. Popularly they are called "fool's gold". Occasionally you also find olivine nodules. Since the postwar period, the lava of the volcano is extensively reduced.

The village has a good restaurant with guesthouse, a campground and several private apartment operators. In addition, some larger farms have survived the structural change in agriculture and use the ample pasture land in the district Ormont for milk production. Also forest management earns a living for some citizens. The largest employer in the village is the Raiffeisen Service und Waren GmbH. In addition to a large tire retailers, the company operates a gas station in the village, and has firmly established itself in recent years as a service provider for agriculture in the region. Furthermore there is an enterprise for the production of wood pellets, which arose frome a sawmill.

Since 1991 there is the first wind farm in the interior of Germany north-east of the community  on Goldberg

The village lies at the foot of the Mountain Schwarzer Mann (black man) and belongs to the large, contiguous forest area in the north-west of Rhineland-Palatinate. In winter there is often for several weeks a closed snow cover. Consequently, there are also winter sports such as ski lift and cross-country trails. In summer, the area is an ideal area for hiking.

Ormont was first mentioned in the "Prüm urbary" from the year 893. Formerly there was a castle in the district of Neuentein , of which today only small building remains are availabl. After an eventful history, during which the place belonged to different dynasties of the surrounding area, Ormont came in the 19th century to the district Stadtkyll in the old county Prüm. At the end of the Second World War, the village suffered severe demolitions during the Ardennes offensive. The local memorial cemetery recalls the difficult war days in early 1945.

After the administrative reform Ormont belonged to the County Daun (today Vukaneifel) in the newly formed Verbandsgemeinde Obere Kyll.

Important telefon numbers:
Bürgerhaus 06557/1317
Fire brigade 112
Fire brigade equipment house 06557/7351
Hospital Prüm 06551/15-0
Police 110
Rettungswache 19222
Administration Verbandsgemeinde
Obere Kyll, Jünkerath 06597/16-0

ZIP code Ormont 54597


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Specialists for General Medicine
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Dr. med. Josef Steigerwald
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Group practise
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General practitioner
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